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5 Best Male Stripper Games For A Bachelorette Party

Bikini Oil Wrestling

The only thing hotter than sexy men is sexy men covered in oil and wrestling each other. The fun thing about this male stripper game is that you can either stand on the side lines and watch hot male models wrestle each other or you can join in on the fun and try to take on his sexy body yourself. 

Ready to be man handled by one of our sexy male strippers? The rules of this male stripper game are simple, cover yourselves in oil and try to pin each other; it is a lot harder than it looks. The first person to pin the other for 3 seconds is the winner. In all honesty, once you get a look at our male models covered in oil, you’ll want to be pinned on purpose.

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Suck And Blow

Anyone who has seen Clueless will instantly recognize this classic game. The rules are easy to understand, and it is a very addicting male stripper game to play. Simply stand around in a circle making sure to alternate each person from male to female. Pick one person to start and they will place a playing card on their lips and inhale, holding onto the card with no hands. 

The goal is to pass on the card to the next person using on your mouth by blowing on the card while the next person sucks on it to take hold of it. If the card drops in this attempt, then both people involved have to take a shot of tequila or vodka. This male stripper game brings a lot of laughs. If played more than once, be sure to rearrange the order.

Body Shot Race

This male stripper game is guaranteed to get everyone’s blood pumping. There are two participants required. Have one of our sexy male strippers lay down on a table or sofa. Set 13 shooters on the stripper’s body, 6 should be placed on each side of the body from the knee to the chest. Place the final shooter directly on his chest. 

When the game starts, both participants must stand on either side and drink each shot and doing a shooter as fast as possible. The person who does the final shooter off of our male stripper’s chest is the winner and gets a free kiss from our stripper. The loser has to do a sexy dare. This male stripper game is one that is sure to be repeated during the party.

Sexy Beer Pong

Beer pong is definitely a party classic, and we found a way to make it sexy and more fun. Play the game as you regularly would by trying to toss a ping pong ball into a cup filled with beer. There is one twist, after each goal the team losing the cup has 3 options. They can either take a shot, do a sexy dare, or remove an article of clothing. This is definitely a male stripper game that is sure to break the ice and get everyone feeling good from the booze. Don’t be shy, try our sexy beer pong to start off your bachelorette party, enjoy the sexy fun.

Kamasutra Challenge

Everyone is familiar with the Kamasutra, but how well do you think you know all of the positions? To play this incredibly sexy male stripper game, you need two of our sexy male strippers as well as two lucky participants. Each participant picks their male stripper partner. The goal in this game is to do as many Kamasutra positions as possible in 20 seconds. 

It is up to non-participants to both watch the timer as well as count the number of positions done by each team. It is forbidden for either team to look at what the other is doing and you cannot do the same position twice. The team that does the most positions win. The loser gets to do a belly bottom shot of tequila with salt and lemon on the stripper’s body. Sounds like this male stripper game is a win-win to me.