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Bangkok male strippers for your hen night

Spice up your bachelorette party

Sometimes, when partying, you feel like something is missing. Something that might spark some long forbidden inner feeling. Remember that this may be the best and last event of your whole entire life. Last fling before the ring.

But how can reality meet your expectations, your dreams? Our strippers are Asians and Europeans, they have been carefully hand-picked so that you can surely find the one that  you will love. They are all very professional, knowing the business while bringing a spark of fun to you hen night, birthday party or ladies night. It’s like having your own male strip club in Bangkok.

Best bangkok male strippers

No matter what you would like to get for your event : Asian strippers, European strippers, Gay strippers or anything else. We got you back with all of our professional strippers. They will spice up your parties, bringing a great and fun atmosphere. They’ve been working on their bodies for long, they’re handsome and they know how to bring fun to your parties like no one else. We do have the best strippers available in bangkok these days

Asian strippers

If you’re more into Asian guys then go for our Asian male strippers. Down below you can choose the on you like the most, the one that will bring your party to life.

European strippers

If you’re more into European guys then go for our European male strippers. Down below you can choose the on you like the most, the one that will bring your party to life.

Gay strippers

We also offer you gay strippers for your gay parties or an other event. Down below you can choose the on you like the most, the one that will bring your party to life.

Topless waiter and exotic dancer

Some people have very specific demand like having a personal sexy waiter for their party, having an exotic dancer with seductive clothes  to go along with the mosic or even strip-teasers ! We got your back with our team of professional strippers and exotic dancer. You can make a specific demand and we will do the rest. Have fun with the best sex shows that you can have in bangkok




The city that never sleeps




A place to party




Beaches as far as the eye can see



I came for bachelorette party with my friends, we went to Pattaya for a fun weekend. A stripper is the greatest addon to spice up the night !

The service they provide is really great. It really is the best thing to add up a bit of fun to the night.


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We provide you the strippers you prefer. We have European, Asian and Gay strippers. They will bring fun to your party. They will also be able to play some games with the you. You can check out our game ideas.

Preferably you should contact us 2 month before the event take place so that we have all the time needed to plan the arrival of our stripper. You can also check out our other services over here for Bangkok and here for Thailand.

Yes of course ! We have a diversified customer base and we want to be as inclusive as possible. You just have to mention in the contact form if you are interested in gay strippers.

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