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European male strippers

If you don’t want to be disoriented then go for the safest choice : European strippers. When you go abroad, especially in country far away like Thailand, you can feel like you’re not in your proper place. But we got your cover with our European strippers. We have hand-picked them carefully. They have been working out for long, they’re handsome and they are ready to do their best to light up your bachelorette party. If that is what you are looking for, they you can go for our european strippers.

Asian male strippers

Some people want more exoticism, and after all, that’s why you’re travelling abroad don’t you ? Asian strippers can be found almost everywhere. They are coming from Cambodia, Laos, China, or they are Thai locals. We have hand-picked the best handsome men for you, men who have been working on their body for long. You are sure not to be disappointed if you go for Asian strippers.

Asian stripper
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Gay strippers

You may know that Bangkok and Thailand, in general, is a well-known destination to the LGBT  community. The country is quite open minded- toward gay and trans people and gay-friendly places can be found pretty much everywhere. Some areas in Bangkok are known for that, like Silom Soi 4 and 2. Here and elsewhere, hundreds of bars and clubs can be found with a welcoming community atmosphere and sometimes shows featuring go-go boys dancers. 

If you want some gay male strippers to do the show in your pool villa or hotel suite then we got your back ! No matter if it is for some warm-up session at the beginning of your party or for more extensive sessions with more specific demands, we got everything that you need.

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