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3 amazing hen night places Thailand



Bangkok is a city located on the delta of the Chao Phraya River. It is about 40 km from the great Gulf of Thailand. Bangkok is a huge metropolis and crowded city with lots of shops, temples, walking streets, roads and canals. It is surely the number one destination for tourists and also a cultural attraction. What distinguishes Bangkok is its flourishing nightlife. No one ever sleeps in Bangkok ! This is one of the best place for you to organize your bachelor party or bachelorette parties, and we do so !

Why choosing Bangkok for you hen night ?

It may be hard to find the best place for you to organize a bachelorette party. Thaïland is a party place and Bangkok is the number one destination for those that are willing to organize huge and memorable events, such as a bachelorette party.


Pattaya is a very famous seaside city, on of the most popular holiday destination in the world. From individuals to couples and families, Pattaya is a renown destination either for people who want to relax and sunbathing or those how crave for watersport and intense activities. Contrary to what most people think, it’s not an adult-only party  place, not at all !

Why choosing Pattaya for your bachelorette party

If your not into hyper-crawded and massive cities like Bangkok, then Pattaya can be an alternative. It is way easier to find party-friendly and guest-friendly villas there. Why not enjoying some naughty games with our male strippers in your luxurious pool villa just after taking a dip ? Or maybe that you have other hen night party ideas ?

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hen night places thailand


Phuket in an island located in southern Thailand, actually it is a whole entire province. The island is surrounded all around by some splendid beaches such as Kamala, Mai Khao, Rawai and Patong. In addition to this, the island is well-known for its classical architecture and the traditions brought by the chinese community and, last but not least, the Phuket nightlife. This makes the island a “must-go” for many tourists.

Why choosing Phuket for you hen night ?

Phuket is way different from previous destinations, being very far from Bangkok. There is one drawback to this: prices are much higher for renting party friendly villas or any kind of accomodation. But surely it’s another great place for you to organize your bachelorette party.