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Male strippers at a competitive price

At Bangkok Male Stripper we aim to provide the best service whilee keeping the price at a very competitive level. You may already have spent a lot into your bachelorette party or the event that you have planned. That is why many people are not ready to sell a kidney for the service of a male stripper, so we decided to lower our rates as much as possible.

Only 8,000 THB

We put customer first

Have you ever had a really bad customer experience with the service of a company ? If so, you certainly care about who you trust when buying a product or signing up for a service. Just like you, we also are party people. We know how crucial it is, at events as festive as bachelorette parties or hen nights, not to worry about anything. After all, we only want to have fun and forget our concerns. 

And that is our goal: providing the best service. We build up confidence, choose the best male stripper for you and plan the event ahead so that everything goes smoothly. 

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Since Paypal is no more available in Thailand for individuals, we now use another service called Wise (formerly TransferWise) It’s a well-known payment service that allows you to do fast and secure transfers with very low fees. We want you to be 100% confident with the payment process, that’s why we’re choosing Wise. You can already set up your account by clicking here We will also further add credit card and bank transfer payment.

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